Future of education

Integrating hands-on real-world STEM and CS into every core high school course.
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University of Pennsylvania President's Innovation Prize
  • We help high schools and architects prepare students with cutting-edge hands-on
  • skills for the future


1-day workshop for your district, high school, or design staff to learn about the Future of Work & how to prepare teachers and students.

Roundtable discussion


Hands-on STEM and CS projects for every
high school subject
 based on learning science and real-world innovations in every discipline.


A standardized design and playbook for real-world Innovation labs for high schools that reflect the Future of Work.

Imagine a young
girl says,

“Hey Alexa, bring me that Coke can.” A drone flies out and uses computer vision to search for and identify the Coke can on the other side of the room. The drone grabs the can and brings it back to her.

The drone is built and programmed by the girl and a couple of friends, all of whom at the beginning of the year had no clue how to code and had no idea how electronics work.

At inventXYZ, we provide an inventcurriculum to accelerate all students – including girls, inner city kids, and rural kids – to love learning things they never even knew existed.

The Future of Work

Nearly every creative and technical job is being fundamentally revolutionized by Internet-connected Electronics, Automated Manufacturing, Software, AI.

If we expect students to be prepared for college, have a job in the coming years, or create jobs as an entrepreneur, rows of desks staring at a whiteboard aren't going to be enough.

At inventXYZ, our inventfuture workshops help school leaders demystify the Future of Work and plan how to prepare students for it.


kids from all backgrounds having the tools and confidence to make something big for themselves and of themselves.

At inventXYZ, our standardized inventorspace design helps schools, facilities planners, and architects create innovative wow spaces to prepare students for the 21st century.