No schools left behind

Education has barely changed for 70 years outside of iPads and smartboards.

Yet the world is rapidly changing. We’re undergoing a renaissance in Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Art. It’s disrupting age-old industries and changing the way we live.

Kids dream of being part of it. Are they being provided the skills, knowledge, and resources to be behind the innovation?

We’ve studied schools and makerspaces across 9 states

and developed a package that streamlines building a hands-on, 21st century learning program. We’ve learned from the success and failures.

We’ve done the research for you to cut the cost to a third, train staff, and deliver an unforgettable experience in the process.

equipping schools with tomorrow’s advanced tools and mentors.

creating an opportunity for students to see things they’ve never seen before and work together to build a solution to real problems.

providing an avenue for students to commercialize their inventions.

letting students experience real tech internships.


A new space at school for students to explore
electronics, coding, virtual reality, filmmaking, 3D printing hands-on without fear of grades

A place that will make your school stand out.
A place that will make your students stand out.

Not a room just for the nerds

Not a room just for engineers

A “wow space” where all the different disciplines of art, electronics, coding, social studies, and more coalesce into one interdisciplinary space

“It’s all the crazy things we’ve heard about at ISTE rolled into one streamlined, affordable package”

- District admin in Louisiana

What does an inventorspace really look like at my school?

Let's to go into more detail


New hands-on project curriculum designed to teach
industry tools and skills as well as state standards

Because teachers keep telling us they don’t have free time to keep up with all the confusing new tools on their own

Because districts keep telling us they don’t have enough full-time staff to dedicate to developing innovative curriculum

Why should every school create its own projects and duplicate the effort when the work can be done once by creative, experienced engineers and distributed to all schools?

inventcurriculum is like Netflix for projects - there’s always something new. Integrates with AP, IB, and state standards. Includes after-school exploration.


Hackathons for high schoolers and middle schoolers
that empower both hardware and software creation

2 Days

Kids rediscover a sense of purpose and curiosity.

Teams of students get 2 days with the inventorspace tools and experienced mentors to build an invention and solve a problem.

inventathon rekindles the spark from early childhood that makes kids inventive.

Recapping Houston inventathon 3

13 schools
204 attendees
$2,000 in prizes
15,356 livestream viewers
Special thanks to partner Houston Community College.

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