Dreams become inventions. Inventions create impact.

Imagine a space in high school

with 3D printers, a laser cutter, soldering stations, VR development rigs, a music recording studio, and large, collaborative tables arranged like a vibrant Apple store.

At inventXYZ, we design and set up these inventorspaces for schools.

Imagine a young girl says

“Hey Alexa, bring me that Coke can.” A drone flies out and uses computer vision to search for and identify the Coke can on the other side of the room. The drone grabs the can and brings it back to the kid.

The drone is built and programmed by the girl and a couple friends, all of whom at the beginning year had no clue how to code and had no idea how electronics work.

At inventXYZ, we provide an inventcurriculum to accelerate all students – including girls, inner city, and rural kids – to love learning things they never even knew existed.


Because today's schooling is outdated and does not impart the hands-on Engineering skills, Creativity, and Innate love of learning that students and companies like Google, Amazon, Pixar need to succeed in the real world.

If we expect students to be prepared for college, have a job in the coming years, or create jobs as an entrepreneur, rows of desks staring at a whiteboard aren't going to be enough.

Our vision

is an inventorspace in Every High School in America, so every student has access to the same high-quality resources and high-quality support network. At the core is a completely new, empowering way of thinking and doing.


kids from all backgrounds having the tools and confidence to make something big for themselves and of themselves.

Core team

of Engineers, Inventors, and Entrepreneurs. We could have chosen to be at Google or Exxon or in blockchain.

But we’re here, bringing fresh perspective to education.

Nikil Ragav

Wharton Business

Penn Electrical Engineering

Chief Executive Officer

Veena Vaidyanathan

Computer Science

MS Textiles Engineering

Chief Information Officer

Chris Zhu

MS Penn Computer

Information Technology

Curriculum Developer

Advisory council

of Educators, Researchers, Engineers, and successful Entrepreneurs who believe in our New Vision of Education.

Dr. Gad Allon

Director of Penn Wharton Management & Technology

Business Advisor

Geoffrey Hart

Clements High School

AP Physics Teacher

Curriculum Contributor

Dr. Rahul Mangharam

Penn Engineering

Embedded Systems

Curriculum Contributor

Dr. Camellia Sanford-Dolly

PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Rockman, et. al.

Education Researcher

Dr. Ragavan Vaidyanathan

PhD, Auburn University

Chemical Engineering

Strategy Advisor

Dr. G. Brian Toth

District Superintedent

St. Marys Area School District

Implementation Advisor

Looking for engineers, artists, educators, and business developers.

If you believe in this vision and want to be part of the journey,


Let’s set up a time to chat and learn about each other.