University of Pennsylvania President's Innovation Prize
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Penn Today

May  7, 2020

Nikil Ragav wants to bring high-tech, hands-on learning to all students

June 3, 2020

This recent Penn grad’s summer program will teach tech skills remotely via interactive digital projects

Penn Today

March 3, 2021

The impact of providing hands-on, interactive projects

Our team has experience at top companies and research institutions


Core Team

Nikil Ragav

Founder & CEO
UPenn EE, Wharton Business

Lisette del Pino

Curriculum Developer
UPenn Math & CS

Cameron Peters

Curriculum Developer
Santa Clara University MechE

Dr. Ragavan Vaidyanathan

Business Development Director
PhD Chemical Engineering

Bayley Tuch

Curriculum Developer
UPenn Political Science

Emily Fu

Curriculum Developer
Wharton Business Analytics

Advisory Council

K-12 Educator Advisors

Dr. G. Brian Toth

Saint Marys Area School District, PA

Geoffrey Hart

AP Physics Teacher
William P. Clements HS, TX

Learning Science Advisors

Dr. Edna Tan

STEM & Equity Learning Scientist
University of North Carolina Greensboro

Dr. Maria Olivares

STEM & Equity Learning Scientist
Boston University

Dr. Marcelo Worsley

Multimodal Learning Scientist
Northwestern University

Dr. Betty Chandy

Teacher Development
University of Pennsylvania

Industry Advisors

Dr. Sarah Thornton

Autonomous Systems Engineer

Vinay Narayan

Virtual & Augmented Reality
Facebook Reality Labs

Craig Carnaroli

Executive Vice President
University of Pennsylvania

Veena Vaidyanathan

Senior Software Engineer
Ascension Health

Dr. Jimmy Sastra

Medical Robotics and Automation

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