Demystifying the
Future of Work

1-day workshop for your district and high school staff.

Across all industries:

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Future of Work


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Computer science, data science, 3D design, collaboration, and more are becoming essential core competencies across all industries from agriculture to marketing to manufacturing to films to medicine.

Students need collaborative and critical thinking skills more than ever, but they also need to communicate in new media.

Learn what 21st century skills are required to succeed in any industry

As reported by McKinsey, most leading companies have accelerated their digital, automated, hands-on jobs by 4 to 7 years due to COVID.

Learn how to incorporate essential 21st century skills into current high school curriculum and benefit all students

inventfuture is a short, interactive Professional Development workshop with your staff.

01 • 45 minutes

The Future of Work

We'll examine fundamental changes in industries like agriculture, film, sports, medicine, marketing, and manufacturing.

Roundtable discussion

02 • 45 minutes


We'll discuss how teachers can integrate new projects into existing core classes to prepare students with essential future skills.

MNIST hand-written number detection

03 • 1 hour

Demystifying AI

You'll learn how Machine Learning works in this hands-on activity. It's actually a lot simpler than you might think!

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Due to COVID, all workshops are currently virtual.
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