Your students need to learn

Core content

Common Core
Persuasive Writing
Spanish-American War
Slope of a line

21st century skills

Computer Science
Computational Thinking

  • Why?

Nearly every creative and technical job is being fundamentally revolutionized
by Electronics, Automated Manufacturing, Augmented Reality, AI.

Every discipline requires new skills
from virtual reality in history to
machine learning in literature to
computerized mills in manufacturing to
data science in biology

  • inventcurriculum embeds a creative, hands-on project in each core class where students build technology.
  • For the future of high-paying, creative, automated work:

Prepare all 1,000 students,
not just 50 high school students in a tech elective.

Roundtable discussion

A project in every course
so every single student learns real-world STEM & CS skills.

MNIST hand-written number detection

Including girls and minority students.

We want to make it as simple as possible for each teacher.

Stay in your comfort zone for 92% of the year.

You only change 1 unit, not your entire curriculum.

And as transformative as possible for every student.

Because every core class has 1 hands-on inventcurriculum project, students see 4-5 projects a year.

By the time students graduate, they’ll have a portfolio of up to 20 projects they can show to colleges and employers!

inventcurriculum projects

Every project covers a unit of Common Core, AP, or NGSS standards and takes just 2-3 weeks.

Don’t see a project for your course?
We can co-design it with you!

AP Statistics

Code a COVID spread simulator

World History

Recreate a civilization in VR

Algebra 2

Build and Code a retro Pong game


Shoot a short professional film


Optimize a wind turbine

Projects are constantly updated with

Videos and FAQs

New technologies

Teacher training in the summer
Teaching assistance during the semester

Onsite and virtual classroom visits

Each project covers essential standards

Common Core & AP


No late nights grading papers

Give students immediate feedback

Most code is autograded

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